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4th of July/Peachtree Road Race


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4th of July/Peachtree Road Race

Hi everyone. We hope you all had a great 4th of July week filled with loads of fun and family. We were at the 2012Peachtree Road Race with friends from the National Guard 221st FRG and had a great time. We really enjoyed the run, as well as the patriotic gestures from everyone to everyone. It wasn't as dreadfully hot as alot had predicted, but it still was "hotlanta"!
Lets give a big round of applause to Marisol who did the entire 10K in combat boots as a goodwill gesture to her daughter,who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Thats not easy to do with heavy steel lined boots. Ouch! Blisters!Shows what our boys and girls in the military endure on a regular basis.
Also congratulations to Corey and Rima on their engagement that day too! Corey asked Rima to be his wife at the finish line as she crossed over it! Congratulations once more and on your wedding next year.

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